The majestic Flatiron building is the pride of Lacombe

The early twentieth-century Edwardian architecture style Flatiron Building is a three-storey, brick and sandstone building.

It was built in 1904, it is the oldest flatiron building in Alberta. The other flatiron building is in Edmonton and known as the Gibson Block.

The Flatiron building served as the Merchants Bank of Canada until 1922.

The main floor and basement are now home to an Interpretive Centre significant to Laombe’s history. The exhibits are maintained by the Lacombe and District Historical Society and the Flatiron Building is operated by Lacombe Regional Tourism.

The triangular shape of the building was a rare structure. Lacombe’s Flatiron building copied the architectural design of New York’s Fuller Building, which was built just in 1902.

The Flatiron building was designated as a Provincial Historic Resource by the Alberta Government in 1990. It was restored in 2002 by its current owner.