Highlights from City of Lacombe council meeting

 Requests for Decision 

5.1 Bylaw 400.24 Updates – Workshop 1: Residential Development and DARP Amendments 

Administration presented the residential development and Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) amendments proposed in Bylaw 400.24 for council discussion and feedback. 

The bylaw proposes amendments to the Land Use Bylaw (LUB), which will: 

• Increase side yard setbacks for residential development within DARP to two metres to support more sensitive infill development 

• Create a DARP overlay for the Central Residential District 

• Allow the city’s development officers to consider variances up to 15 per cent 

• Provide flexibility for R1 and R-L1 property owners to develop larger accessory buildings 

5.2 Bylaw 400.27 Midway Crossing Lot Rezoning
Council held a public hearing for Bylaw 400.27, to rezone lands which are described as Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 012 3450 from (FD) Future Designation District to (R5) Residential Multi-Unit District. The lands are located at 5230 – 76 Street.
No one spoke for or against the proposed rezoning. Council subsequently approved Bylaw 400.27 after giving it second and third readings.

5.3 Bylaw 393.3 Utility Rate – First Reading
Council gave first reading to Bylaw 393.3, for the proposed 2020 Utility Rates, which include:
• Water Utility Rates – 0.9 per cent increase
• Wastewater Utility Rates – 0.9 per cent increase
• Solid Waste Utility Rates – No change from 2019 rates
The combined utility bill increase for the year for an average household will be $1.14 a month, or about $11.50 for the year.

5.4 Snow Clearing: Costs for Increased Service Levels
Council accepted as information a report from Administration outlining estimated costs associated with changing the current practice of windrowing snow on most city roads to hauling snow off-site where feasible.

The costs to change current practice would see an increase of approximately $73,600, primarily for additional contracted services. As the current snow dump sites will not be able to accommodate the anticipated three-2 to-four times more snow volume hauled off city roads, there is a proposal to convert a portion of the city’s decommissioned lagoons to a long-term snow dump site at a cost $500,000.

5.5 Anna Maria’s Café RFP
Council authorized Administration to award the contract for the Lacombe Memorial Centre (LMC) Café Kiosk Renovation project to Bulls Eye Contracting for an amount of $125,500.
The upgrades will expand the existing kiosk into a self-contained food service outlet, potentially enabling the city to better attract and retain a café operator at a higher monthly lease rate, as well as preserving the LMC kitchen for facility bookings. The project should take about five weeks to complete.

5.6 Request for Extension of Time: 16 Cameron Close Subdivision
Council passed a resolution to grant an extension of time for the approval under Subdivision File 66.250.02(18) to April 30, 2020.
An extension of time for the subdivision approval is needed to allow the Subdivision Authority to endorse the plan of the subdivision so that it can be registered at Land Titles, thereby completing the subdivision process. The subject site is located in the west part of Lacombe along the north side of Cameron Close. The subdivision approval will create 10 new residential parcels along a short cul-de-sac.

  1. Motions Out of Camera
    9.1 Legal
    Council approved the requested security reduction for the development of 4457 Highway 12.
    9.2 Legal
    Council accepted the report on the status of the Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex naming rights sponsorship as information and directed Administration to execute improvements in sponsorship marketing and stewardship in 2020 as presented.

Photo: Lacombe City Mayor Grant Creasey, right, and Chief Administrative Officer Matthew Goudy. (City of Lacombe photo)