Crafty Lady switching to online and mobile pop-up business

After about 25 years of being in business in Lacombe, The Crafty Lady is closing and moving its business online

On Feb. 1, 2020, The Crafty Lady, will close its 5006 50 Ave. location and start selling its products online.

The Crafty Lady opened in Home Hardware’s basement in February 1994.

The hardware store expanded and The Crafty Lady moved above ground to the north end of the building at 5009-50 St. in 1999.

In 2018 Crafty Lady moved to Main Street beside the CIBC.

Besides providing an online store, The Crafty Lady will have a mobile store made out of a motor home and will be at area Farmers’ Markets and pop up locations.

Shoppers can visit the Crafty Lady’s online store at

More information for The Crafty Lady can be found on her blog at, or on their Facebook page @craftyladylacombe.

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