City promotes fishing in Lacombe

Approves $3,000, 5-year sponsorship of fish stocking program at Len Thompson Fish Pond

Lacombe city council approved a $3,000, five-year sponsorship of the Alberta Conservation Association’s (ACA) fish stocking program at the Len Thompson Fish Pond Park during its regular meeting Jan. 27.

“Council understands that fisheries biologists have reported the need to increase trout stock levels in the pond to ease the angling pressure and maintain good fishing opportunities for local families and visitors,” said Mayor Grant Creasey.

“By supporting this initiative, we hope to make recreational fishing accessible to more people, especially children and youth, so that they can enjoy getting back to nature and bonding with family and friends.”

“If fishing success rates were to decline due to greater visitation, trips to this very popular park would invariably disappoint area families and children,” said Director of Community Services Deborah Juch.

“Given the report, increasing fish stocks is a viable strategy to maintain the city’s current recreation service level.”

On Oct. 15, 2019, city council received correspondence from the ACA requesting the city consider a five-year, $3,000 annual sponsorship to increase the fish stocking activities at the Len Thompson Fish Pond Park. In return, the ACA offered the city sponsor recognition, with mentions in print ads, monthly newsletters, and social media posts, plus a clickable link on the ‘Corporate Partners in Conservation section of the ACA webpage to a short profile on the City’s contribution.

The Len Thompson Fish Pond Park is an important recreational hub in the community, with local organizations, volunteers and the public supporting a number of activities at the facility.  The Thompson-Pallister Bait Company sponsors the ACA’s annual Kids Can Catch Program; the Lacombe Fish and Game Association hosts the Lacombe Kids Can Catch event; and at the event, ACA volunteers and Lacombe families help to stock the pond, while socializing and learning to fish at this popular spring outdoor community event.

In 2019, the Thompson-Pallister Bait Company, with the support of the city, Echo Lacombe and others, installed a “World’s Largest Lure” tourist attraction at the Park, elevating the profile of the facility as a regional fishing and tourism destination.

In light of council’s decision, city administration will include the cost of the sponsorship to the 2020 Spring Adjustment, and add it to the subsequent operating budgets for the next four years.