Cow Patti Theatre performs to sold-out crowd at Lacombe Performing Arts Centre

Q & A with AnnaMarie Lea from Cow Patti Theatre for the play Much More Munsch at Lacombe Performing Arts

Q& A by Patti Lynn Wilson

Q & A with AnnaMarie Lea from Cow Patti theatre for the play Much More Munsch at Lacombe Performing Arts opening night Jan. 31, 2020.

Q: How long ago did you write the play?  

AnnaMarie Lea: Fifteen years ago. I did it in Ontario. And then last summer, I was at a meeting with Lacombe Performing Arts Center in August. They were sort of finalizing the new space to be able to call it their own. I know that they wanted me to do a  Cow Patti show here and we will in the future, but in the meantime, I offered to get something going right away. I stated I can take some of the local kids through auditions, behind stage jobs, acting, learning lines, sound, lights and all the other jobs too get a production running.  So we’ve been working as an acting class since September, but rehearsals for Much More Munsch started in November 2019. We have been working really hard,  and tonight’s performance is their first with an audience and I know the kids are super excited.  I understand it’s sold out.

Q: How many shows out of the shows are sold out? 

AnnaMarie Lea: Four I believe. I requested them when I came on board to direct the show because this is bottom line of production. Cow Patti’s involvement is basically myself coming in as a good director –  to take the kids through shows because there’s a whole process and then there’s a process to actually putting on the show. The show starts at 7 p.m. then the final performance is eight shows later or two weeks later. I brought in a production photographer to do cast photos and headshots, for their resumes and part of what I’m doing is to get them started, should any of them wish to continue.

 Q: Excellent thank you. That’s great. How young are some of the kids? 

 AnnaMarie Lea: The youngest is nine, and oldest is 17. Many of them are first time actors and their experience is nil. So by my giving them the full experience, they will know what to expect in future productions.

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