Lacombe County approves $8M water and wastewater project on the west side of QEII

 An estimated $8-million project that will see water and wastewater services extended to properties on the west side of QEII was approved by Lacombe County council on Jan. 30.

Council voted to move forward with servicing the Wild Rose Commercial Park and then east across the QEII to the Track on 2. 

“Having these services in place will be crucial for future development in Lacombe County,” said Reeve Paula Law.

“Doing this work now ensures that we are ready for opportunities; and will both diversify and strengthen our tax assessment base, which is a key Success Measure in the county’s Strategic Plan.” 

Split into two projects – one to complete the underground installation of utilities and the second to construct a lift station in the Wild Rose Commercial Park – the project is entirely funded through Lacombe County’s water/wastewater reserve and community resource reserve. 

In 2019, Lacombe County spent $5.3-million to bring the services underneath the north side of the QEII and Hwy 12 interchange.

 Impacts on the Wild Rose Commercial Park 

Existing lots in the Wild Rose Commercial Park have signed deferred services agreements, which notifies lot owners of Lacombe County’s intentions to service these lands some day.

All of the impacted lot owners will be notified of the decision to service the Wild Rose Commercial Park and will be invited to meet with county staff to discuss the project and the next steps forward. Lacombe County will also work with these individuals on payment details for these services. 

“At the end of the day, we are looking at what will be best for Lacombe County as a whole, and are excited to see what new industries and businesses we will attract here,” said Reeve Law.

“We know that without services in the ground when the economy turns around, we won’t be able to draw new business into our county, and we will likely pay more for them if we wait.”