Lacombe County cancels energy company’s taxes

It was reported to council that several wells, previously owned by Trident Exploration Corporation, had been conditionally sold to Just Freehold Energy Corp. through the receivership process. Trident was placed into Receivership on May 3, 2019. Lacombe County was one of the municipalities affected by that receivership, however, the County’s exposure was limited to a small number of wells with only the 2019 property taxes outstanding. 

As part of the Order issued by the Court, the outstanding taxes as well as the portion for the 2020 taxes related to the wells prior to the purchase date were to be cancelled by the Sales Agreement. Despite this order the Receiver still required Just Freehold to seek the county’s approval of the cancellation of these taxes. 

 The request from Freehold Energy Company to cancel the 2019 property taxes and penalties for well sites located at 13-32-39-26 W4 and 06-12-40-27 W4 in the amount of $1,927.56, and to cancel the 2020 prorated property taxes for the well sites located at 13-32-39-26 W4 and 06-12-40-27 W4 subject to Freehold Energy providing confirmation of the purchase of the assets and date of closing received the approval of council. 


A detailed report on Lacombe County’s activities and strategies about the global COVID-19 pandemic was received for information. 


A report was presented on the structure of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) concerning the number of MPC meetings, the scheduling of meetings and the composition of the MPC. As per resolution of council, the existing MPC structure will be maintained. The MPC structure will be reviewed at the October 2020 council organizational meeting. 


Council heard a report that the provincial government has just recently announced the provision of $30 million in funding to municipalities, charitable and non-profit organizations to provide help to individuals, seniors, families and other vulnerable Albertans who are isolated or impacted by measures to contain COVID-19. Fourteen million of this funding will go to the Family and Community Support Services Association (FCSSAA) for municipalities and Metis settlements outside of Edmonton and Calgary (one-time grant). 

Council directed the county manager to promote the Social Services Support for the COVID-19 Program to County organizations and that all inquiries be directed to the local urban FCSS agencies. 

A report outlining potential scenarios for determining the 2020 property tax rates for Lacombe County was presented for council’s information. A full analysis will be presented to Council at the May 14, 2020, council meeting, including adjustments to operational revenues and expenses. 


A resolution of council that the county manager be directed to collaborate with Missing Link Internet in the development of a fibre optic project(s) proposal for the purpose of applying for a CRTC Broadband Fund Grant did not receive the approval of council. 


By resolution of council, Lacombe County Council will continue to convene live council meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.