Lacombe holds public hearing for paint and autobody use in university commercial district

 Public Hearings 

4.1 Bylaw 400.29: Paint & Autobody Use in University Commercial District 

Council held a Public Hearing for Bylaw 400.29, to allow for an “autobody and paint shop” as a permitted use in the University Commercial District (UC) for a two-year period of time, expiring on May 1, 2022, in Unit 11, Plan 062 8084 (located at 7102 52 Street). 

Lacombe Business Centre Owners/Condominium Board members Craig Clark, Jordan Jackett, Ken Erickson, and neighboring unit #10 owner Curtis Letniak together provided a written submission expressing support for the bylaw amendment to add autobody and paint shop as a permitted use. Craig Clark, an adjacent property owner, indicated his support via telephone of the amendments and spoke on behalf of the Lacombe Business Centre as the landlord and treasurer for the condominium board. 

Business owner Darryl Hogenson also provided comments via telephone in support of the Bylaw amendments, indicating his operation was not a typical body shop. Because of the low volume, there are not strong vapors emitted from the building, and there had never been damaged vehicles stored in the compound. 

Gordon and Peggy Hoffman, neighboring property owner, expressed concern this type of business (autobody and paint shop) was unsuitable for its location due to the proximity to their residential community and other businesses in the building. Judy Stang reiterated this view, referencing the neighboring Henners Lakeside Villas community in an email, opposing the change due to the impact it would have on the peaceful neighborhood, as well as increased traffic in the quiet residential area. Another neighbour, Catherine Zacharias, expressed concern via telephone about noise from the autobody and paint shop, especially in warmer months if the bay doors were open, given that the bay points towards their deck. 

Neighbouring landowner Paulette Kurylo phoned in to ask about possible noise from radios and loud music in warmer months, in addition to proper seals to deal with fumes and paint smells. She later confirmed her questions had been answered during the public hearing, commenting that the business had been there for several months with no noticeable traffic increases. 

 Requests for Decision 

5.1 2019 Operating Surplus Allocation 

Council direct Administration to transfer $165,637 surplus to the General Operating Reserve (in consideration of Table 1 on page 3 of the report). 

5.2 Audited 2019 Financial Statements 

Council accepted the consolidated financial statements presentation as information, and then approved the 2019 Audited Financial Statements as presented. 

5.3 Lagoon Reclamation Options: Amended Next Steps 

Council endorsed the recommended amended next steps for the City’s former wastewater lagoons as outlined in the report. 

5.4 Affordable Housing Steering Committee: Project Selection Council approved at total of $460,000 of joint Provincial and City funding for two affordable housing projects, as recommended by the Affordable Housing Steering Committee: 


1. $80,000 to Central Alberta Youth Unlimited, for a supportive living home for girls and women. 

2. $380,000 to Tricon Developments for an affordable housing project in the former Lacombe Hotel. 

5.5 Bylaw 400.29: Paint & Autobody Use in University Commercial District 

Council gave second and third readings to Bylaw 400.29, to amend the University Commercial District (UC) to add “Autobody and paint shop in Unit 11, Plan 062 8084up to May 1, 2022” as a permitted use for a limited period of two years, as presented. 

5.6 Bylaw 476: Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board Council gave second and third readings to Bylaw 476, the Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board. The Board is comprised of partner municipalities providing a central mechanism for area citizens to appeal property assessment and tax notices. 

5.7 2019 Year in Review Council accepted the City of Lacombe 2019 Year in Review as information, with direction to Administration for Council to provide input prior to finalization in the future. 

5.8 Council Board Appointment Council appointed Larry Mousseau to the Municipal Library Board for a term ending December 31, 2022. 


5.9 Letter to Lacombe Doctors Council defeated a motion to direct Administration to send a letter to Lacombe area doctors (cc’d to Ron Orr, MLA and Honourable Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health), identifying the high value our community places on medical services in our community, and Council’s support for ongoing, collaborative discussions that continue a high standard of service in Lacombe. 

8. Notices of Motion 

8.1 Councillor Chris Ross 

A Notice of Motion was submitted to Administration, which read: 

“In light of the current pandemic, and possible changes to provincial funding, halt further spending on the Public Works Building until quarter 3, 2020, with the expectation that the future financial position of the City will be more certain at that time.” 

Any submitted Notices of Motion are dealt with at a subsequent regular meeting of Council per City of Lacombe Procedural Bylaw No. 370 Section 6.14(10). 

9. Motions Out of Camera 

9.1 Legal 

Council approved the Echo Lacombe Association proposal to purchase the naming rights to arenas 1 and 2 for Echo Energy as presented, and directed Administration to finalize the five-year agreement, with an option to renew for an additional five years. 

9.1 Legal 

Council approved the renewal of the Lacombe Curling Association’s lease of the curling complex from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2025, including the granting of facility naming rights. 

9.1 Legal 

Council receive this report as information. 

*The next scheduled Council Meetings: 

– May 11, 2020, at 5 p.m. (Regular) 

– May 25, 2020, at 5 p.m. (Regular