City of Lacombe’s financial assets increase by $760,000, has stronger cash position

LACOMBE –  The City of Lacombe released its 2019 consolidated financial statements April 29. The statements reflect the financial position for the city as of December 31, 2019.

Overall, financial assets increased by about $760,000, largely due to a stronger cash position at the end of the year. When compared to prior year, the city’s overall revenues increased by about $5.6 million, mainly due to higher provincial capital grants, higher franchise fees, and higher contributed assets from developers.

“Council is pleased to have a clean audit again this year,” said Mayor Grant Creasey. “It shows that the City of Lacombe is operating in a fiscally responsible manner, which speaks to the diligence of our staff and the solid operational framework we have put in place.”

Chief Administrative Officer Matthew Goudy said the citizens of Lacombe place a high value on transparency and sound financial management.

“The annual audit process ensures these expectations are being met.”

In 2019, the city added $16.4 million in capital assets, including $1.5 million that was contributed by developers. Capital investments were funded by provincial capital grants such as the Municipal Sustainability Initiative and Federal Gas Tax, use of reserve funds, developer contributions, and general borrowing.

As of December 31, 2019, financial liabilities increased by approximately $5.9 million, mainly due to increased borrowing during the year that was used to fund acquisition of infrastructure. By the end of the year, the city had used about half of its borrowing capacity, which is calculated based on provincial legislation.

Based on the operating budget, the city had an operating surplus of $165,637 in 2019. Total expenditures were lower by about $820,000 than budgeted, mainly due to lower utility costs paid to the water and wastewater commissions.

The 2019 City of Lacombe Consolidated Financial Statements are available on the April 27, 2020, council meeting agenda at