City reminds residents of new traffic pattern at 58 Street

A new left-turn lane at Hwy12/50 Avenue and 58 Street, resulting in an improved traffic pattern for residents.

The left lane along Hwy 12/50th Avenue will now act as a dedicated “left-turn only” lane for traffic turning north on 58 Street. To accommodate the change, the City of Lacombe recently relocated signs on the south side of the road further west in order for motorists to be aware of the new intersection configuration.

“Motorists travelling through Lacombe should be aware of a traffic signal change at the intersection of 58 Street and 50 Avenue (Hwy 12),” said Jordan Thompson, Operations and Planning Services Director for the city.

“The left eastbound lane is now dedicated to left-turning traffic only, and the new advanced left turning light will clear traffic congestion more efficiently.”

The city also took the step to install signs saying “New” to further alert drivers of the change. And the city has ordered more signs, which will be installed by the contractor as soon as possible. The city asks residents to follow the new traffic signals, and drive defensively.