Lacombe City Council selects Municipal Stimulus Plan projects

Lacombe City Council directed administration to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Government of Alberta on two projects, which promise long-term benefits for its residents.

Council chose to direct funds towards a new Snow Storage Facility – a priority item as the current facilities are not compliant with provincial regulations. Additionally, Council directed the remaining provincial funds towards infrastructure improvements on Highway 12.

Under the recently announced provincial Municipal Stimulus Plan, the City of Lacombe was allocated $1,663,384 for capital infrastructure projects. City administration estimates the Highway 12 project would cost between $1.3 million and $1.8 million; however, Council has directed administration to only use the remaining funds not used for the Snow Storage Facility, which has an estimated cost of $933,000.

“Council is pleased to be able to fast-track these critical infrastructure projects that will be to the benefit of our citizens,” Deputy Mayor Don Gullekson said. “On behalf of Lacombe City Council, I would like to thank the Government of Alberta for directing these funds to municipalities across Alberta. We look forward to realizing the positive impacts these projects will have on our community.”

Highway 12 Infrastructure Improvement

Ensuring the lifespan of this road and assessing and replacing utility services is crucial, given the high volume usage of Highway 12 within the community.

Additionally, the project will address any dated lead pipes that still may be in use.

Construction will periodically disrupt traffic and businesses in the area; however, the completed product will be a high-quality road from the City’s western edge to the east side of Highway 12 and 2A intersection.

Snow Storage Facility

5432 56th Avenue

Lacombe, AB T4L 1E9

(403) 782-6666

This project will ensure the City’s snow management facility/practice is compliant with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) Snow Disposal guidelines.

Administration identified an opportunity to combine the development of this facility along with reclamation efforts at the former municipal sewage lagoons. The use of one of the former lagoons for snow storage will require the extension and improvement of the existing access road at the site.

The project promises to fulfill several priorities, including:

1. Re-purposing of sewage lagoon no longer in use.

2. Construction of a municipal snow storage site, in compliance with AEP’s guidelines.

3. Creation of a large off-leash dog area.

4. Public access (with parking) to one of the City’s stocked urban fishing ponds.

Additionally, this project promises to fulfill many Council’s strategic goals, including preserving green space in Lacombe, creating sustainable infrastructure, and adding to economic prosperity in the community by maximizing the use of the City’s existing assets.

The City will submit both projects to the Government of Alberta by October 1, 2020.

“We’re pleased Council has asked us to deliver these two projects in Lacombe. Not only do they both improve needed infrastructure for the long term – they will also support local employment when it’s needed most,” City of Lacombe Chief Administrative Officer Matthew Goudy said.