Lacombe City council briefs

During its regular meeting Oct. 13, Lacombe City Council gave first reading to Bylaw 400.32, facilitating the future development of a second apartment site in the Trinity Crossing area based on the recent changes to the Trinity Crossing Outline Plan.

Council scheduled a public hearing for the bylaw at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 9.

Council approved the Connex Accessible Transportation Services Agreement with Lacombe & District Family and Community Support Services as presented. The Agreement provides a five-year term, an optional 5-year renewal, and multiple revision and amendment opportunities, including annual budget approval.

Council set the 2021 natural gas franchise fee rate (ATCO Gas) for the City of Lacombe at 27 per cent -the median rate of comparator municipalities. Additionally, council set the 2021 electricity franchise fee rate (FortisAlberta) for the City of Lacombe at 17 per cent -the median rate of comparator municipalities. The proposed rate adjustments will generate an increase in revenue of $90,488 from ATCO Gas and $329,087 from FortisAlberta.

Council accepted the 2021 Operating Budget as information for consideration during the upcoming 2021 budget deliberations.

Council accepted the 2021 Capital Budget as information and will return it for discussion at the Oct. 26 council meeting.

Councillor Don Gullekson made the following motion, to be addressed at the October26, 2020,Council Meeting: “That administration prepare a Land Use Bylaw amendment, by adding ‘Detached Dwelling’ as a permitted or discretionary use to the R3 Zoning.”


Council committed to the staged construction of the 76th Street road extension, to a paved standard, within one year of Midway Centre meeting either of the following triggers: •Issued building permits for Midway Centre overall, meet or exceed $9 million in estimated assessed value, or issued building permits for the residential lots within Midway Centre meet or exceed $5 million in estimated assessed value.