Lacombe County has surplus of $79,965 in FCSS funds

Due to a break in the School Resource Program’s delivery, there is a surplus of $79,965 in unexpended FCSS funds.

Council will give the funding to: Big Brothers Big Sisters $3,000, Blackfalds In-School Program $4,000, Central Alberta Youth Unlimited $3,395, Eckville and Area Children’s Playgroup $500, Lacombe and District FCSS 18,695 $29,590, and further, that other organizations be invited to apply for one-time funding for the balance of the surplus funds ($50,715); with the county’s full contribution of $15,993 to be expended from existing funds in the 2020 operating budget.

Other briefs

During Lacombe County’s regular council meeting Oct. 8, council passed a resolution that a special meeting of Lacombe County Council will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2020 commencing at 1:30 p.m. for the purpose of conducting a public hearing for Bylaw No. 1319/20 for the adoption of the Sylvan Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan.

Council approved the Municipal Operating Support Transfer (MOST) Memorandum of Understanding between the Province of Alberta and Lacombe County. MOST delivers funding to municipalities as part of the Canada-Alberta Safe Restart Agreement.

The Summer Village of Half Moon Bay is moving forward with its internal wastewater collection system in anticipation of the Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Commission’s construction of the South Shore Line. The South Shore Line consists of a 10-kilometre wastewater line and lift station that will service the Summer Village of Half Moon Bay, as well as developments in Lacombe County and Red Deer County. The property the lift station is proposed to be located on is in the county. As per resolution of Council, Lacombe County will consent to the Summer Village of Half Moon Bay acquiring an interest in land (purchase) in NE 11-39-2 W5M to facilitate the construction of a wastewater lift station.

The Parkland Regional Library Budget for 2021, providing for Lacombe County’s membership fee of $88,432.65, received Council approval.

The Interim Alberta Police Advisory Board Survey on Provincial Policing Priorities was endorsed by council as completed and will be forwarded to the Board.

The concept plan for the Taves Management Dry Bulk Facility was endorsed by council as presented. The signing officers of Lacombe County were authorized to execute the development agreement for Taves Management Dry Bulk Facility by resolution of council.

A bylaw of Lacombe County to amend the Lacombe County Land Use Bylaw No.1237/17 to rezone approximately 60.22 hectares (148.81 acres) on the Pt. SE 29-40-22 W4M from Agricultural ‘A’ District to Business Industrial “I-IB” District received third and final reading by Council.

Members of the Haynes Community Society provided an update on the construction of the new Haynes Community Hall. They presented a request for $50,000 in additional funding to assist with the completion of the hall. The County Manager was directed to prepare a report on the Haynes Community Hall request for presentation at a future council meeting.

Representatives of the Burbank community provided presentations with regard to concerns with the operations and activities of the Burbank Campground. Representatives of the Lacombe Fish & Game Association provided presentations regarding the initiatives they have undertaken to address the local community’s concerns.

The presentations were received for information by Council.